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Sel-Plex® (Selenium) – 500g


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Sel-Plex® is Alltech’s proprietary organic form of selenium yeast. It is an excellent dietary source of selenium and is manufactured to mimic Mother Nature. The selenium from Sel-Plex is safer and better able to meet the higher requirements of livestock raised for rapid growth, reproductive performance and health.

Benefits of organic selenium in equine:

🔸Colostrum quality and efficient transfer of selenium from mare to foal

🔹Nutritional status of the foal

🔸Normal reproductive function

🔹Exercise tolerance

🔸Performance of recreational horses

🔹Nutritional value of horse feeds and supplements


Like animals, people often do not get enough selenium in their diets. Functional or enriched foods offer consumers a way to get the most from their diets.

Selenium is involved in numerous important systems within the body, including antioxidant defense, reproduction and immune function.

Selenium deficiency in equine can cause problems such as impaired muscle function, heart health, immune function, growth and energy levels in your horse. Selenium toxicity in horses (an excess of selenium) has been known to interfere with appetite and digestion, muscle weakness and fever, among other risks. Sel-Plex is an organic selenium yeast, proven to enhance performance by providing selenium in a form naturally present in plants and more digestible than inorganic forms.

Through the use of Sel-Plex, we are able to boost the selenium status of livestock animals reliably and safely, allowing the buildup of nutrient reserves for periods of increased antioxidant demand and stress without risking toxicity.

Dosage – A 500kg horse in work would require approximately 2.5-3.5 mg /day but a range of 1 to 10 mg per day is generally considered safe and adequate. Toxic effects start to show at 20mg selenium ingested per day.


This product doesn’t contain any known substances that may contravene any rules of competition or racing.

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