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Recoupe ‘N’ Paste


For the purpose of Muscle Performance/Recoverydesigned to support maximum muscle function during competition.

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For the purpose of Muscle Performance/Recovery:

Recoupe ‘N’ has been designed to support maximum muscle function during competition.

Specifically formulated to support maximum performance on competition day using muscle and ligament extension.

This paste consists of a high concentration of Branch Chain Aminos and nutrients – These support stress tolerance, muscle strength, endurance, energy and high performance as well as reducing fatigue and increasing red blood cells in volume.

Potassium Magnesium Aspartate encourages electrolyte transfer across skeletal muscle cell membranes, significantly improving physical endurance and stamina.

This paste is also designed to support a horse’s quick recovery therefore reducing muscle damage.

This product doesn’t contain any known substances that may contravene any rules of competition or racing.
This product is produced exclusively for Simply Equine PTY LTD.


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