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September 10, 2021
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September 15, 2021
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Ezi Equine ‘Build’ Supplement Treats


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BUILD is the perfect treat for horses lacking in Muscle and Topline condition or restoring levels after exercise.
BUILD can be used as a daily treat or post-exercise only; this treat responds best when used with regular exercise.
*These are not only a muscle gaining product, they also assist with recovery after exercise and reducing sweat loss.
Results can include:
-Increase to Topline health and appearance
-Visible changes to muscle mass
-Assist with ‘fill out’ target areas
-Quicker post-exercise recovery
-Prevent lack of energy
-Reduce sweating
-Increase recovery time after exercise
Packed with selected Protein and Amino Acids, this treat is ideal for providing a high quality Equine safe Protein intake.
This product offers a Muscle building supplement that is mess free and ready to feed after exercise.
It also contains benefits of Turmeric and Magnesium for ultimate conditioning and health.
With rich Queensland Molasses & Organic Hulled seeds helping bind ingredients together, your horse is sure to love them.
20 Treats per bag.
🐴 How to store your products 🐴
•Store bag out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.
•Safest option would be inside house under 25°
•If left in sun, treats will darken in colour from the Molasses and may change consistency. They are still safe to feed but would recommend feeding them within a week.
•Product Lifespan- Please feed within 4 months.
🌾 When to Feed? 🌾
Feed your selected amount of treats within 20 minutes maximum after exercise. This is the same for all work loads and all age groups.
Research shows horses will absorb and respond best to selected ingredients used within a 15-20 minute timeframe after exercise/work.
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